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Bora Bora Resorts – Paradise for wedding and honeymoon

Thoughts of romance, exquisiteness, legends and magical mysteries surround the famous island name of Bora Bora. We see beautiful pictures of the pure beaches and crystal waters of the island featuring in magazines and travel agencies, and we constantly hear people talking about how Bora Bora (more…)

Honeymoon Vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Best Hotels And All Inclusive Resorts

Situated on Banderas Bay, this tropical paradise combines the old with the new in gracious style. Cobblestone streets wind through the town and art galleries and colorful boutiques are filled with Mexican folk art and handicrafts. International cuisine can be found in any town, as well as in all resort hotels. Top 4 All Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is divided into various tourist areas; Rivera Nayarit, a self contained resort area, easily accessible to town and Marina Vallarta, which has its own marina area, golf course and shopping district. (more…)

An Unforgettable Family Vacation In Puerto Rico

If you are keen to have a tranquil experience for your family vacation, you may want to consider visiting Purto Rico. This wonderful island is full of sunshine all year round, perfect for people who love adventure. If you are not so adventurous and just want to laze around, you can enjoy the scenery at the sandy beaches. Visit Puerto Rico all-inclusive family vacations at! Talk about living in paradise! The holiday resorts are equipped with world class amenities and you will definitely enjoy your stay. (more…)

Finding Accomodations at Charming York Beach, Maine

What is it about Maine that lends itself so well to the tourism industry? There are so many scenic and charming places to visit in the state one of these is York Beach which is considered among the 25 best beaches in the US. But just like their visits to any beach community in the country, the paramount question in the minds of tourists is: where do I find a place to stay? (more…)

Planning a honeymoon in Hawaii on a budget

Want to have your honeymoon in paradise but don’t think you can afford it? Here are six tips for planning a Hawaii honeymoon on a budget. Follow them to create a romantic adventure that you’ll cherish forever.

Four tips for planning a hawaii honeymoon on a budget. (more…)

Washington DC tours and attractions

With countless things to see and do in this great historical city, the Washington DC tours and attractions offer the most all-inclusive glimpse into real highlights here. To cater to the needs of travelers of every kind, several DC tour options exist – those who love to watch the lit monuments will love the Washington DC Night Tour, while those who want to obtain the maximum advantage of a tour would prefer a full day tour of Washington DC. No matter which tour you select, you are bound to explore some of the key sights. With the suitable selection of the Washington DC tours and attractions, a visitor has to worry less and travel more! (more…)

Little Rock, Arkansas attractions

Little Rock, the Arkansas capital, is the land of mountains and plains. It is also the largest city and is so named because of the small rock formation called La Petite Roche (meaning the little rock) on the Arkansas River’s south bank. As per the legend, this rock formation was a landmark for the river traffic in the olden days and so the city got its name as the Little Rock. Today, this is seen in the downtown’s Riverfront Park. And with that, I will also admit that most of the interesting Little Rock Arkansas attractions are in the city center itself. (more…)

Smoky Mountains attractions

The Smoky Mountains attractions are many and varied all of which are scattered in the nearby towns such as Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. However, above all, the most famous is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park that receives countless millions making it the most visited park. It is so huge that you can spend a week here, but without spotting the same route twice. For the tourists, there are 10 campgrounds, 800 miles of trails for hiking, maintained historic edifices, and copious wildlife. The main attractions in the park include the Appalachian Trail, Cades Cove, Clingmans Dome, and Laurel Falls. (more…)

Iguazu Falls: Taller than Niagara

Lady Eleanor Roosevelt uttered “The Poor Niagara!” upon the first look at the Iguazu Falls. So, those who think that nothing can beat Niagara, for them, I would say, think once again! Taller than the Niagara are these incredible falls that span 3 km on the rim between Argentina and Brazil. In addition, even the width is four times more because of more than 200 cascades that render the horseshoe shape covering two miles. (more…)

Family vacation ideas for Bettona, especially with kids

A family that is seeking 100% relaxation as well as unwinding ambiance in Italy must choose an off beaten track with a halt in Umbria. This is one of the fewer known family vacation ideas for those who are on a Europe or Italy tour. Situated in the Perugia prefecture is the region of Umbria whose Spoleto Plain holds the scenic town of Bettona that is near the famous Assisi and Torgiano. Although the entire region of Umbria can be visited at any time of the year, I would recommend planning for off-season trip in October that would actually mean cheap accommodations and fewer tourists. And reaching here is also very easy – a train from Assisi or other cities like Florence and Rome and then a 20-minute car drive to Bettona. (more…)

Travel destinations: Thessaloniki, Greece

The city of Thessaloniki is situated in the Greek province of Macedonia. This wonderful city is the capital of Northern Greece and the second Greek city of importance after Athens. (more…)

Top 4 vacation destinations in Spain

Spain is the holiday destination of choice for people from all over the world, particularly Europe. The country offers spectacular scenery, thousands of years of culture and tradition, and, in most areas of Spain, fantastic weather. Whatever you look for in a vacation, you’ll find it in Spain. These are some of the top vacation spots. (more…)