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Why should you experience a Pub Crawl in Budapest?

Exploring local pubs and enjoying life is one of the coolest ways to spend your summer in Budapest. The city is widely known for its great culture and outstanding tourism. But on top of that, it’s also a very good place to relax and enjoy some great food and drinks. All you have to do is to find the right service that helps you get to the pub crawl you want and then you are good to go. We created a unique Pub Crawl in Budapest that allows you to experience the Budapest lifestyle and nightlife in a very distinctive and creative manner. (more…)

Malaysia Home Rentals – Tips For First Time Renters

Deciding on leasing a house in Malaysia for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. You will be living on your own without the assistance of your parents or guardians. You will have to use your monthly income to make payments for the house rent. It’s essential to plan well ahead before you start searching for a house. You have to be well prepared in every aspect as you are a first-time renter. For this, here are a couple of things you have to think about as you look for homes for rent in Malaysia (more…)

Renting a condo in Dubai Expectations vs. Reality

If you are a fan of grand living, waking up to the decks on high rise buildings, then Dubai is the place for you. This busy business-friendly city is known for the skyscrapers in the heart of the city and the palm tree-dotted villas in the quieter areas in the outskirts. (more…)

Luxembourg Activities: active breaks in Luxembourg

If you want to take more of an active break, Luxembourg offers you the world’s densest network of both hiking and cycling paths, more tennis courts than you can throw a ball at, and more fitness centres than you thought would fit into this stamp-sized country. (more…)

Eating Out in Japanese Ski Resorts

Even if you have never been to Japan before you will probably have eaten or heard about sushi, ramen and tempura, along with lots of other famous Japanese foods. If heading to Japan on a ski holiday, you will therefore probably have wondered what eating out there is like, and it may be one of the things you are looking forward to most or least about your trip. Luckily whether or not you love Japanese food, we have very good news. The quality of food in major Japanese ski resorts is exceptionally high, there is a huge variety on offer and it costs much less than you may think. (more…)

Vacation in Kefalonia, Greece

The Greek island of Kefalonia, (sometimes known as Cephalonia) is an increasingly popular destination due largely to its association with the book by Louis de Bernieres: Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. The film adaptation of the book which includes breathtaking shots of some of the island’s finest beaches has also given tourists the inspiration to visit the island. (more…)

Thailand Property: Buying Land in Thailand

Response to the new interior ministry regulations regarding foreigners buying a property in Thailand. Belmont Limcharoen International Law Firm. We refer to recent media reports of new regulations issued by the Deputy Ministry of Interior regarding foreigners purchasing land in Thailand… (more…)

Travelling from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia

The southernmost cities in the world are the beginning – or the end- for all sorts of adventures, such as: Trips to Antarctica, overland tours across Southern Patagonia, wildlife safaris, cruises between the fjords, trekking expeditions, and an uncountable pool of experiences to places that no one has stepped on before.

Nevertheless, these two hubs have an inconvenience: they are very hard to reach. How to get from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia, or from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas? (more…)

Best vacation destinations in spring

Winter is over, and to make up for the cold, dull and boring weather, nature gives us spring. A time when the ground is carpeted with beautiful green grass, flowers are sprouting; insects and animals are out enjoying the beautiful nature. It’s a time treasured by many; when there is life all over. The lands are beautiful, but there are some lands which are even more beautiful. These are the lands that are a spectacle to visit, with great views and calm weather. So in case you are planning on traveling during spring, I will take you through some of the best places you could go to before you secure your seat sale. (more…)

Save money when renting apartments in Ciputra Hanoi

Renting an apartment in Ciputra Hanoi has gotten pretty expensive over the years. A decade or two ago, many landlords required a small monetary payment or one months rent as a security deposit. (more…)

Can I Visit Zurich on a Budget?

Zurich is the city known to have the world’s highest quality of life, being surrounded by the stunning Alps and other natural splendors. Thus, traveling there definitely, comes at a price. Even though it cannot be contradicted that Zurich is an expensive destination, that doesn’t mean you should not dare to go near the city because you don’t plan on spending a small fortune there. (more…)

Peninsula Beverly Hills Offers Jewelry Experience

Beverly Hills is well known for its glamor and glitz and the “Romancing the Stone” package at the Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel is going to push that reputation just a little bit farther.  The package includes a personal fine jewelry lesson and consultation with a renowned Beverly Hills jeweler. (more…)